At WITTEWELLER, we don't just take care of registering industrial property rights. We also specialise in bringing cases regarding these rights, such as invalidity suits against patents, or applications for cancellation, cancellation suits, claims, etc.

At the same time and on the same basis, we are also highly experienced in protecting our clients' intellectual property rights against litigation of this kind.

We have rights of representation before patent offices and the German Federal Patent Court. In civil cases, we appear alongside selected attorneys-at-law.

The experts

Christian Steil
Michael Lindner
Volker Heuckeroth
Torsten Duhme
Marco Findeisen
Gabriele Laufer
Mark Wegener
Stephan Keck
Ralf Gröschel
Christian Gembruch
David Dobler
Stefan Von Siegroth
Andreas Eisele
Christoph Lütkebohmert
Sophia Zielinski
Lukas Klement
Dieter Späth
Ali Yesil