Three new partners - One new location

Despite all the challenges and against the depressing events of the pandemic, WITTEWELLER’s visions and ideas have not been lost. The Stuttgart law firm with 15 partners so far is expanding its claim to leadership in the land of inventors and its expertise, and is equipping itself for the future with strong newcomers.

Personnel reinforcement in the areas of IT, automotive engineering and physics.

WITTEWELLER is particularly proud that patent attorney Lukas Klement will join the firm as a new partner with effect from January 1, 2022. Lukas Klement was co-founder of the Stuttgart IP boutique CARTAGENA, where he was in charge of driving the development of new patent attorney software and focused on digitizing the law firm from the start. With his IT experience and IT affinity, he will now - together with his previous CARTAGENA processing team - support WITTEWELLER in continuing the digitization they have already successfully embarked on, as well as with client support. Lukas Klement can look back on long and successful years in advising national and international clients and has acquired special expertise in the field of patent research and monitoring, among other things. His technical qualification lies particularly in the areas robotics, manufacturing technology and furniture construction.

In addition, WITTEWELLER is very pleased to expand its sphere of activity in the south-west with patent attorney Dieter Späth as a former partner of the ABACUS law firm. Dieter Späth will also become a partner at WITTEWELLER on January 1, 2022 and will manage the new Nagold location. He will continue his previous work with the familiar ABACUS team, with the usual professionalism and constant reliability. As a qualified mechanical engineer, Dieter Späth will strengthen WITTEWELLER particularly in the areas of automotive, vehicle interior fittings and dowel and anchoring technology.

As a doctor of physics, Dr Sophia Zielinski will become a new partner at WITTEWELLER on January 1, 2022. With her, the law firm is appointing a former patent attorney candidate who has trained in-house as a partner, who has excellent specialist knowledge and who has been working as a patent attorney at WITTEWELLER since completing her apprenticeship. Sophia Zielinski strengthens the law firm particularly in the areas of information and communication technology, image processing, electrical engineering and optics. She has extensive experience in the registration business and also in advising small, medium-sized and industrial clients.

Photo: greiner architekten

With the town of Nagold, 50 km from Stuttgart, WITTEWELLER is getting a branch in the northern Black Forest in addition to its headquarters in Stuttgart. Via the new Nagold location, WITTEWELLER will, among other things, take care of the existing clients of the former ABACUS law firm, which will cease operations at the end of 2021, as well as new clients in person and in direct contact.

Enjoy this positive development with us and continue to place your trust in us, for which we are very grateful. Because what would we be without you, our clients, with your visions and ideas?!